There’s no doubt about it – parenting is a difficult and often thankless task that we seem to work tirelessly for. 

There are new challenges every day as we aim to raise our children into mature young people. On any given day we may jump from trying to engage our kids in dinner table conversation (while you ask them to put their phones away) or chasing them up to do the simple household chores (that always seem to get forgotten). The joys and challenges of parenting are endless.

As part of celebrating National Families Week, Focus on the Family Australia is upskilling your family with downloadable resources to address the top five issues in 2024.

  • Avoiding Chore Wars
  • 50 Questions to Ask your Kids at the Dinner Table
  • Talking to your Kids about Depression & Anxiety
  • 5 tips for keeping your kids phone time under control
  • Talking to your Kids about Sex

Focus on the Family Australia has been strengthening marriages and families for more than 30 years.  We provide a wealth of resources, events and support programs to help families across the country. We focus on real life issues and offer relevant, practical support for every member of the family. We’re dedicated to equipping parents, children, and spouses to thrive in an ever-changing, ever more complicated world, by promoting God honouring marriages and advocating for parents as role models for their children.

We hope these resources help you to skill up your parenting know-how and to have healthy conversations and meaningful relationships with your kids, which is critical for building a solid foundation of trust that demonstrates steadfast love and teaches them how to grow into a healthy young person. Parenting is hard and we all want the very best for our children. But you don’t have to walk it alone. Focus on the Family Australia is with you the whole way on that long journey. 

You probably have your own tips and special techniques that have done wonders in your family. We would love you to share them with us!

Please click below for immediate access to Australian parent’s top five issues.

Direct Links to Focus on the Family Australia’s downloadable resources:

50 Questions to ask your kids at the dinner table

Talking to your Kids about Sex

Avoiding Chore Wars

Talking to your kids about Depressions and Anxiety

5 tips for keeping your kids phone time under control

For all these resources and more go to our Family Tool Kit: