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You can become a member of Canberra Christian Radio Limited (CCRL – the governing body behind 1WAY FM) and receive some great membership benefits.

Membership benefits

Becoming a member of 1WAY FM makes you part of bringing a Christian message to our local community. 1WAY FM members help provide the financial support that we need to continue the work we do and they demonstrate to our licensing body that we have the support of our community of interest.

Have a voice in the operation of the station.

Members can:

  • Nominate, or be nominated to the Board of Canberra Christian Radio Limited,
  • Provide feedback on the station’s operation and direction,
  • Be an influential voice – attend and vote at our AGMs,
  • Become a part of the family of volunteers at the station – there are a variety of roles – including becoming a committee member, administration, graphic design, social media, community engagement, production and on-air roles.

Members are part of the team!

1WAY FM is made up of many parts – our members are part of the team!

Our members partner with us in extending His Kingdom, knowing that their membership fees and donations will be used to support 1WAY FM.

Membership fees and donations from our valued members who commit to 1WAY FM by becoming members and renewing their membership year after year are a significant source of funding.

Membership is NOT tax-deductible and is GST inclusive. Membership is not transferable.

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