On Air


News, sport and weather airs weekdays every hour from 6am to 7pm.


Midnight to 7:00am

12:00am Talking Life (Peter Janetzki)

4:00am Word for Today (Bob & Debbie Gass)

4:30am Insight for Living (Chuck Swindoll)

5:00am A New Beginning (Greg Laurie)

5:30am In Touch (Dr Charles Stanley)

6:00am Focus on the Family (Dr Juli Slattery)

6:40am Enjoying Everyday Life (Joyce Meyer)



7 to 9am

7:00am The Brekky Show (Jordo, Priscilla & Amy Mon-Fri)

1WAY Cafe
9am to Midday
9:00am 1WAY FM Cafe (Michael)

Including Primary Purpose (Brian Medway) at 9.10am.
Canberra House of Prayer at 9.30am Tuesdays, and
various segments such as the Dads for Kids and the Family Minute.



12 to 3:45pm

Including Salvos Heart Talk, On the Spot, History Makers, Just a Minute, Word for Today (Bob & Debbie Gass) and Daily Nudge

Thursdays including Voice for Values (Daniel Simon) at 1:30pm.

Friday Flashbacks

3:25pm KidzOwn



4 to 6pm

4:00pm 1WAYHome (Mark)

Including interviews, local news, traffic updates, laughs and more.

Also including the Family Minute.



6 to 8pm

6:00pm 1WAY FM at Dusk

All your new music and news, fun banter and more.


After Dusk

8 to 9pm

Tuesdays – Alternative (K-man)

Wednesdays – Aussie Grown Across The Nation (Hank)

Thursdays – Definition – Local (K-man)

Fridays – Definition – National (K-man)

Including Yes He Is.



9pm to Midnight

9:00pm A New Beginning (Greg Laurie)

9:30pm Focus on the Family (Dr Juli Slattery)

9:55pm (Tuesdays) Canberra House of Prayer

10:00pm In Touch (Dr Charles Stanley)

10:30pm Leading the Way (Dr Michael Youssef)

11:00pm Insight for Living (Chuck Swindoll)

Including the Daily Nudge.





Midnight to 7:30am

7:30am Adventures in Odyssey (Kids)



8am to Midday

8:00am Paws and Tales (Kids)

11:00am History Makers (Matt Prater)

11:30am Focus on the Family (Weekend edition)



Midday to 6pm

12:15pm Healing & Wholeness

1:30pm Voice for Values (repeat)

4:00pm Hot 25 Countdown


Evenings to Late Night

6pm to Midnight

6:00pm Fresh Across Australia

9:00pm All That Jazz and Blues (Nev & Kingsley)





Midnight to 7am

12:00am  Definition – National (repeat)

4:30am Hymns

6:30am Prayer Worx (Dr Hilary Moroney)



7am to Midday

7:00am Healing & Wholeness (repeat)

8:00am Local Sunday Sermons (local churches)

10:00am Get Connected (Pastor Ken Graham)

11:00am Light and Life (Salvation Army)

11:30am Christianity Works (Bernie Dymet)



Midday to 6pm

1:00pm The Journey (Jude Hennessy)

2:00pm Inspirational Time (K.O.B)

3:30pm Focus on the Family (Weekend Edition repeat)



Evenings to Late Night

6pm to Midnight

6:30pm Prayer Worx (repeat)

7:00pm Faith and Culture

8:00pm Let My People Think (Ravi Zacharius)

9:00pm Life and Faith (Centre for Public Christianity)

10:00pm Local Sunday Sermons (repeat)