On Air


News, sport and weather airs weekdays every hour from 6am to 7pm.  Weekend news airs most hours from 9am to 5pm.


Midnight to 7:00am

4:00am Word for Today (Bob & Debbie Gass)

4:30am Insight for Living (Chuck Swindoll)

5:00am A New Beginning (Greg Laurie)

5:30am In Touch (Dr Charles Stanley)

6:00am Focus on the Family (Dr Juli Slattery)

6:35am Enjoying Everyday Life (Joyce Meyer)

6:55am Word for Today (Bob & Debbie Gass)

Including Good News Unlimited.


7 to 9am

7:00am 1WAY Brekky (Holbo & K-man (Tues))

Laughs, fun, ‘School Car Inquisition’ and “not-so-hard-hitting” news waking you up with the best possible outlook for your day with Jesus.

Including Family Minute, Daily Nudge, One Minute Coach

9am to Midday
9:00am Luke & Susie

12 to 4pm

12:40pm Primary Purpose (Brian Medway)

1-3pm Afternoons (David, Flora & Angie)

Including Good News Unlimited, Healing & Wholeness Snapshots (Wed), Salvos Heart Talk, Just a Minute, Mercy Minute, Daily Nudge and Word for Today.

1WAY Home

4 to 6pm

4:00pm 1WAY Home (Howie, Cay, Alyssa & Caleb)

Including interviews, local news, traffic updates, laughs and more.

Also including the Family Minute and Dads for Kids.


6 to 8pm

6:00pm 1WAY FM at Dusk (Holbo, Alyssa & Stephen)

All your new music and news, fun banter and more.

After Dusk

8 to 9pm

Tuesdays – Alternative music /
1st Tuesday of the month: 33&1/3 (Alex & Ben)Wednesdays – Aussie Grown Across The Nation (Hank)

Thursdays – Definition – Local (K-man)

Fridays – Definition – National (K-man, Oaks & Jabs)

Including Yes He Is.


9pm to Midnight

9:00pm A New Beginning (Greg Laurie)

9:30pm Focus on the Family (Dr Juli Slattery)

10:00pm In Touch (Dr Charles Stanley)

10:30pm Leading the Way (Dr Michael Youssef)

11:00pm Insight for Living (Chuck Swindoll)

Including God’s Promises, Daily Nudge.




Midnight to 7:00am

12:00am Overnight

Including music, Barry Grosser, Just a Minute and more.

6:00am Focus on the Family (Weekend edition)


7am to Midday

7:00am Kids Music

7:30am Adventures in Odyssey (Kids)

8:00am Paws and Tales (Kids)

11:00am History Makers (Matt Prater)

Including Word for Today (written by Bob & Debbie Gass),


Midday to 6pm

12:00pm Afternoon

Including music, Healing & Wholeness Snapshots, Messages of Hope, Good News Unlimited, Word for Today and more.

Evenings to Late Night

6pm to Midnight

6:00pm Fresh Across Australia

8:00pm 3rd Sat of month:  33&1/3 (Ben & Alex)

9:00pm All That Jazz and Blues (Nev & Kingsley)
Including God’s Promises, Mark from Momentum.




Midnight to 7am

12:00am Definition – National (repeat)

4:30am Hymns

6:00am Prayer Worx (Dr Hilary Moroney)

6:30am Tapestry (Bruce Bowman & David Webb)


7am to Midday

7:00am Healing & Wholeness

7:30am Music Retrospective (David Webb)

8:00am Message from a Pastor (from our local churches)

9:00am Wesley Impact Radio (Rev Keith Garner)

10:00am Get Connected (Ps Ken Graham)

11:00am Light and Life (the Salvos)

11:30am Christianity Works (Bernie Dymet)


Midday to 6pm

1:00pm The Journey (Jude Hennessy)

2:00pm Inspirational Time (K.O.B)

3:30pm Heroes of the Faith (Ps Allan Davis)

3:45pm Word for Today (written by Bob & Debbie Gass)

4:00pm Faith and Culture

5:10pm Voice of Truth (Ps John Fancine)

5:30pm Prayer Worx (repeat)

Evenings to Late Night

6pm to Midnight

9:30pm Focus on the Family (Weekend edition) (repeat)

10:00pm Bigger Questions (City Bible Forum)

10:30pm Let My People Think (Ravi Zacharius)

11:00pm Tapestry (repeat) (Bruce & David)

Including music, God’s Promises, and various short segments.