Along with your sponsorship package you can also sponsor radio slots for live traffic reports. This will be a 10-second live read that is run during Breakfast and Drive on Weekdays at the end of each traffic report.

These slots include the following times: 

Mornings at 07:30, 08:00, 08:30, and 09:00 

Afternoons at 16:00, 16:30, 17:00, and 17:30 

If you are a Christian business owner, or know someone who is, invite them to consider partnering with us as a sponsor of the station. 

More information on Sponsorship: 

Our sponsors support us, and we promote their business through regular on-air announcements.  They find sponsorship to be a cost-effective way of promoting their goods and services to our loyal and growing audience. Churches and other organisations find sponsorship helps promote their activities and events through regular on-air announcements. 

1WAY FM is a trusted non-profit organisation supporting community events and charitable organisations on-air and appearing in the community for Outside Broadcasts. Our heart is to focus on relationships and “promoting a Christian perspective across our community.” 

To find out more about the advantages of station sponsorship, and how we can help promote your organisation, please contact us: 

                             phone: 02 6239 3711 

                            website: Contact Us – 1WAY FM