Patricia Weerakoon is a Sexologist, sex educator and writer. She trained in medicine in the University of Sri Lanka and did her postgraduate study in sexology at the University of Hawaii.

In this interview we dive into topics like “Should sex be a secret?”, “How can we talk to our kids about sex?”, “How to approach the topic of pornography with our kids?” and “How can we help them if they have already fallen into that trap of pornography?”.

Patricia says that the best way to teach kids about these topics is to start early with age-appropriate education and encourage questions and most importantly, when they do ask, answer honestly!

Later in the interview we talk about “How to help my spouse with their pornography addiction?”, “How to have good healthy sex lives after kids”, and “Mum’s just not feeling sexy in her post-kids’ body”

Patricia notes that all of these are things that must be faced as a couple, and in some cases need extra support from your Christian community around you. Remembering that you married each other for a reason because that person is who you want to be your spouse and appreciating the body God put you in in its entirety is the start for keeping the flame alive. “Even if it’s not fireworks over the harbour bridge all the time sometimes it might just be the sizzling of a backyard BBQ, it can be fanned into the fireworks.” – Patricia Weerakoon.

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