Where do you meet Jesus?

For many people, it is right here on 1WAY FM.

They encounter God through a song, a message, or thought presented on air. They spend time with Jesus while driving to and from work. They turn that dial and stumble across 1WAY FM to hear that they are loved and were created for a purpose, that they have a hope and a future.

It helps me to spend time with God during my daily commute. There is also no better influence on the radio for my children when travelling to and from school. 

Andrew (Belconnen)

Have you ever had that experience listening to 1WAY FM?

Here at 1WAY FM, we believe in the power of music, messages, and moments that uplift and inspire. Your support is vital in ensuring that we can continue these meaningful encounters that touch hearts and lift spirits, keeping Christian radio alive for those who need it most.

Our fundraising appeal, “Keep Jesus on the Dial,” is officially underway, with a funding goal of $175,000, and we’re excited to embark on this journey with you!

So, how can you get involved in Keeping Jesus on the Dial?

🙏     Pray: for God’s provision and blessing as we seek to fulfill our mission.

💰     Give: No gift is too small, and every donation makes a difference.

📣     Spread the Word: Tell friends, family, and neighbours about our appeal by sharing social media posts or sharing your stories.

Thank you for being an essential part of the 1WAY FM community. Together, we can continue spreading the love of Jesus far and wide, keeping His message thriving on the airwaves.

Let’s keep Jesus on the dial, together!