Joanne Wilson is a professional Counsellor and Psychotherapist, the weekly feature Relationships Columnist for the Sunshine Coast Daily, and referred to as the “in-house” Relationships expert for Sunshine Coast Radio Hot91. The Founder of The Confidante Counselling, she has developed a keen interest in Relationships and Pre Marriage Therapy and a pioneer in the industry.  She subsequently researched and produced her own two beautifully presented and inspiring Relationships books. ​Her qualifications include a Bachelor of Business and numerous Counselling Post Graduate qualifications.  Most of all, she is passionate about launching people to success in their personal and work lives, maintaining a focus on their holistic wellbeing through challenges and maintaining a positive mindset through ill health.

In this interview for National Families Week, Jo brings comfort to those with Post Natal Depression with helpful tips on how to manage PND, and how to strengthen and maintain your relationship dynamic after kids.

Regarding arguing healthily, she shares her golden rule: “If you disagree with your partner, stop and pause, if you’re feeling triggered slow it down and ask a question.”

She delves into the world of parenting, discussing how to practice Intentional Parenting and the importance of presenting a united front.