If you haven’t already heard the news, the much loved Luke and Susie Show has finished up after 8 years and 2478 episodes of the show. Married radio hosts, Luke and Susie, recently announced that they aren’t continuing their radio show that has been broadcasting across Australia through many Christian radio stations.


 Luke & Susie sing farewell. After 8 years and 2478 episodes of the show,

Luke and Susie have been a major part of 1WAY FM and we’ve loved listening to and sharing their show with our listeners. We’ll miss their belly laughs, thought provoking conversation, passion for Jesus as well as their love and respect for each other and their family.

Luke and Susie have inspired the next generation of Christian radio presenters and have helped train up and equip some of our amazing presenters at 1WAY FM.

We’re incredibly thankful for Luke and Susie’s dedication to their listeners and for spreading the love and joy of Jesus. We are thank you for inspiring 1WAY FM and many other radio stations in the pursuit of sharing Jesus in our communities reaching those who need it most.

Luke and Susie are going to be focusing on their family as well as bringing you more quality content as they work on their new project, Floppin’ Fatherhood.

Luke is helping raise the bar of fatherhood by using stories to entertain, inspire, and challenge through the fun and meaningful. This next adventure includes some incredible things to come, such as a stage show, online documentaries and a podcast.


Luke.. Floppin’ Fatherhood,

Luke is currently raising money to kickstart this project but needs your help… his life literally depends on it! Luke is only eating what he catches and sleeping in a swag until 200 people sign up in support of Floppin’ Fatherhood. Currently, they’ve received just over half the sign ups needed! Will you support Luke and Susie’s impactful new project by sign up or donating?


Learn more about this exciting new project, check out https://fatherhood.au/.