Heroes of the Faith: William Arnott

Heroes of the Faith this week features a hero whose faith was expressed as business owner. 

William Arnott was born in Scotland but moved to NSW with his family. He had a strong faith within the Methodist Church and became a baker until gold was found in 1851. William went to Lithgow but had no luck in finding gold. However he realised that his fellow miners needed bread and cakes, which he supplied. He went down to the docks one day and told God he was ready there and then to go to China as a missionary. God thanked him for the offer but told him to go back to his baking trade.  

His business flourished, he married and had children. He had various factories and eventually had a large factory in Homebush. He and his wife remained committed to the church and in leading their children to the Lord. His business had at its heart integrity and hard work. The SAO biscuit honoured one of his children who became a Salvation Army Officer. William died in 1901 but his children continued in the business and the brand Arnott has subsequently successfully expanded into the world market.