Heroes of the Faith: Norm Stiles

Heroes of the Faith this week features a local to our region. 

Norm Stiles was a passionate Christian who worked tirelessly to bring the Gospel to the people of Queanbeyan. Norm used to take his steel guitar onto the main street of Queanbeyan singing and witnessing. He opened a very inclusive Church and coffee shop bringing hundreds of people to the Lord. He met Allan Davis and saw in Allan the potential to be a preacher. Allan began preaching alongside Norm and Allan remained a friend until Norm’s death in 2018. Norm had great energy and organisational skills. He opened other Churches in NSW while working full time. Norm and his wife also went overseas as missionaries. Allan especially remembers Norm’s ability to see God’s gifting in others. Many current preachers and Bible teachers began with Norm seeing their potential and mentoring and supporting their development.