Our Team

Many people put their time, skills and effort into bringing you the sounds of 1WAY FM. Much of our team is made up of volunteers. Some of our team also present the programs they produce at 1WAY FM on other stations around Australia.

Leadership Team

Jenny Anderson – General Manager
Mercy Jeremiah – Office Coordinator
Kieren – Content Coordinator

Our Regular Presenters

The Breakfast Show (Tues – Thurs – Fri 7-9am)

  • Holbo and K-man

1WAY FM Afternoons (1-3pm)

  • David (Tues), Flora (Wed – monthly) and David (Thurs)

1WAY Home (Mon-Fri 4-6.30pm)

  • Howie & Mike (Mon from 4.30pm), Abs & Katie (Tues), Alyssa & PJ (Wed), Alyssa & Moonsun (Thurs) and Alyssa & BG (Fri)

1WAY@Dusk (Tues 6.30-8pm)

  • vacant

Definition (Thursday & Friday 8-9pm)

  • K-man

All That Jazz & Blues (Saturday 9pm-midnight)

  • Nev

Inspirational Time (Sunday 2-3.30pm)

  •  K.O.B. and Joy

Speciality Programs produced at 1WAY FM

Definition (nationally syndicated show) – K-man
Primary Purpose – Brian Medway
Healing and Wholeness, Victorious Ministries Through Christ – Peter and Jane
Prayer Worx – Dr Hilary Moroney

Support teams

Production Team – Colin, Nathan
Finance & Accounts – Andrew Chenery
Community Engagement –
Administration –
Audio/Technical Team – Kieren, Nev, Shane, Michael, & Mithun
Prayer team – Christian, Steven & Shirley

Board of Directors

David Lee, Chairman
Kathleen Parsons, Company Secretary
Monique Lanham
Wayne Mullens
Gary Presneill
Tracey Radbourne