What’s the story with Calvary Hospital?

What’s the story with Calvary Hospital?

Over the last week, you may have seen news about Calvary Public Hospital, and the ACT government’s plan to take over the facility. The government announced plans to take over the Catholic-owned hospital on Wednesday 10 May. They introduced an enabling bill in the Legislative Assembly on Thursday 11 May to allow them to compulsorily acquire the hospital’s assets and suspending the requirement for any committee inquiry.

Catholic Health Australia expressed deep concerned about the ACT Government’s abrupt and unprecedented decision to compulsorily acquire the Calvary Public Hospital Bruce.

Catholic Health Australia’s chairman, the Hon John Watkins AM, said the move was disruptive and worrying, noting that “Catholic hospitals have been caring for and healing Australians for 170 years and have long enjoyed a constructive and cooperative relationship with all Australian governments”.

“This abrupt decision by the ACT Government is a worrying rejection of a system that has served millions and millions of Australians well.

“Catholic hospitals account for around 10 per cent of the country’s total hospital services and treat more than 1.5 million patients annually. If they are to continue to provide their vital role they need to know their long-term arrangements will not be unilaterally terminated on a whim.

The plan is for Canberra Health Services to provide the delivery of public health services at Calvary Public Hospital from 3 July 2023.

ACT Health Minister Rachel Stephen-Smith said the $1 billion cost was a “big decision for the future of healthcare in the ACT” to consolidate health services.

She said the takeover would consolidate the ACT’s public hospitals and create a single health network, allowing the government to “better coordinate health services, distribute resources effectively and strengthen the capacity of our workforce”. 

Fr Tony Percy from the Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn is spearheading the Catholic Church’s campaign to stop the takeover of Calvary Public Hospital. He spoke with Mick and Tam on 1WAY Home this afternoon.

Here are two videos from Fr Tony with further information about this campaign:

To sign the petition to save Calvary Hospital go to: www.savecalvary.com.au