Sponsor a Traffic Report

Sponsor a Traffic Report

Traffic reports are back!  

Along with your sponsorship package you can also sponsor radio slots for live traffic reports. This will be a 10-second live read that is run during Breakfast and Drive on Weekdays at the end of each traffic report. There are currently 40 possible slots up for grabs. 

These slots include the following times: 

Mornings at 07:30, 08:00, 08:30, and 09:00 

Afternoons at 16:00, 16:30, 17:00, and 17:30 

If you are a Christian business owner, or know someone who is, invite them to consider partnering with us as a sponsor of the station. 

More information on Sponsorship: 

Our sponsors support us and we promote their business through regular on-air announcements.  They find sponsorship to be a cost-effective way of promoting their goods and services to our loyal and growing audience. Churches and other organisations find sponsorship helps promote their activities and events through regular on-air announcements. 

1WAY FM is a trusted non-profit organisation supporting community events and charitable organisations on-air and appearing in the community for Outside Broadcasts. Our heart is to focus on relationships and “promoting a Christian perspective across our community.” 

To find out more about the advantages of station sponsorship, and how we can help promote your organisation, please contact us: 

                             phone: 0262393711 

                            website: Contact Us – 1WAY FM