Robert Fergusson – Jesus and…

Robert Fergusson – Jesus and…

Mick and Tam talked with Robert Fergusson about his new book ‘Jesus and…’.

“God doesn’t just save us, He calls us. He gives us a purpose in life. He includes us in His story of salvation. We become partners and co-workers with Him, each with a part to play – each with an assigned task.”

Robert Fergusson takes us on a journey through the book of Luke to discover the beauty and transformative power of an authentic encounter with Jesus:

  • Finding hope for your family, as experienced by Zechariah and Elizabeth
  • Finding significance in the ordinary, as experienced by Prophetess Anna
  • Finding purpose in life, as experienced by John the Baptist
  • Finding acceptance and healing, as experienced by a man with leprosy
  • Finding faith in a time of unbelief, as experienced by the Centurion

Each chapter ends with Questions to Consider – a series of contemplative, thought-provoking questions for readers to pause, reflect, and to respond. Powerful and inspiring, with stunning photography and design, Jesus and… shows us how God chooses to work in and through ordinary, flawed people – like you and me.

Available for pre-order at your local Christian bookshop or online.