With Dr Hilary Moroney from the Canberra House of Prayer

Because prayer works, Hilary has a passion to unpack and pray from the Word of God. To see people’s lives changed, set free and released through the power of the Spirit and the spoken Word working together.

We welcome you to listen to an unpacking of the Word of God in the hope that it will come alive to you, and you will see nuggets and treasures in God’s Word that maybe you’ve never seen before but are applicable and become the Living Word for you today as you listen. We bless you in Jesus name.

We pray that you would take this word and share it with a friend that they too would fall more and more in love with Jesus, or if they don’t yet know Him, desire to discover who Jesus really is.

1 Thessalonians
2 Thessalonians
Bookends of the New Testament
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