Keep Community Radio

Keep Community Radio

keepcommradioDay of Action – Friday 3 June

This National Day of Action is being held as part of the Keep The Community in Your Radio campaign, a campaign aimed at maintaining current levels of funding for digital community radio. While we are not currently a digital broadcaster, we believe that it is important to maintain current levels of funding.


Sign and share the petition:

If you use Twitter, tweet at Communications Minister Mitch Fifield @SenatorFifield to  share your community radio story and why you think we must #keepcommunityradio

Here’s why…

This year’s Federal Budget contained a shortfall of $1.4 million p.a., funding that currently keeps community radio stations broadcasting on digital in 5 capital cities. Digital radio was launched in Australia in 2009 and 37 digital community radio stations are currently broadcasting across five capital cities – Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.

While digital radio broadcasting is not available outside these areas for the community, commercial or ABC/SBS, the future of broadcasting is digital and,
as such, a strong foothold on this platform for community broadcasting is an absolute necessity.

In the lead up to the election, we need your help to stand up for community radio.

More than 30,000 supporters have signed the petition and meetings have been held with MPs and candidates across the country. This afternoon (2/6/16) the Labor Party announced that if they win the election they will restore the much needed funding. We are now calling on the Coalition to match that commitment.

Any support is greatly appreciated!