‘Life with Endometriosis’ photoart book launch

‘Life with Endometriosis’ photoart book launch

Date(s) - 03/04/2022
3:00 pm - 4:30 pm


Margaret Kalms, a Canberra artist, has created unusual, bold, dramatic, quirky and interesting art photography depicting the life impacts of endometriosis.

This will be published in a book, ‘Life with Endometriosis’ and will be launched on Sunday 3 April,at the lovely rural retreat, Hygge House, near Hall. There is plenty of room for guests to wander about outside: https://terroux.com.au/stay-at-our-hygge-house/

Although endometriosis is becoming better known, it is not receiving the attention it deserves when over 500,000 people suffer from it in Australia. It’s a devastating illness causing chronic pain, work absences, multiple medical procedures and significant disruptions to life functioning.

Margaret’s art is inspired by the experiences of 17 sufferers. Their quotes inspired her and are published along with each image. ‘Life with Endometriosis’ can be used to open up dialogue with people, such as work mates, friends, family and medical professionals. Margaret’s images make endometriosis visible.
Come to an enjoyable afternoon in a delightful setting, meeting interesting people, eating farm cooked delicacies!

The book launch event will include:
* a copy of the book for each ticket holder.More copies will be available,
* 3 interesting speakers; Dr Uche A Menakaya, an endometriosis specialist; Melissa Parker RN RM MPhil, an endometriosis researcher and Jess McGowan, the coordinator of a local support group,
* delicious refreshments in a relaxed rural setting watching the afternoon light over the Brindabellas.
* Margaret Kalms is donating money raised from the book launch to Canberra Endometriosis Centre and a local support group hosted by QENDO!

Lots of interesting people are coming, join us and make some interesting new friends!

For more information https://life-with-endometriosis-book.eventbrite.com.au

or call email us [email protected]