Inspiration from Creation

Inspiration from Creation

Inspiration from Creation


6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Hughes Baptist Church
34 Groom Street, Hughes, ACT, 2605

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Does God exist? How can anyone believe in religion when science has proved no God is necessary? Is evolution happening today? If there is a loving God, then why do we die?

This is an issue that affects everyone. According to the theory of evolution as taught in schools and universities, there is no need for God – everything made itself.  If that’s true, it means there is no spiritual realm – you don’t have a spirit and there is no afterlife. So ‘spirituality’ is just an ‘evolutionary trick of the mind’!

Hear two of the world’s best communicators on this topic in Canberra.

Stuart Burgess will present case studies carried out by the author of engineering artifacts that have been inspired by designs found in nature.

Professor of Design and Nature, Bristol University, UK.
Professor Burgess has held academic posts at Bristol University, Cambridge University and Liberty University in the USA. At Bristol University he was appointed Head of Department three times between 2004 and 2011. He has worked for the European Space Agency and was the lead designer for the solar array on the world’s largest civilian earth-observation spacecraft (Envisat). He also led the design and testing of the chain drive for the British Olympic Cycling Team who won a record six gold medals at the 2016 Rio Olympics. He was invited to exhibit this work at the Royal Society (National Academy of Sciences) in the UK in 2017 where it received national publicity. He has published over 160 scientific papers on the science of design in engineering and nature.

Mark Harwood looks at the evidence in a variety of disciplines and shows the biblical account of origins provides the best explanation for what we can observe. The Bible’s account of origins is not only reasonable but is the very basis of the Gospel message.

Dr Mark Harwood B.Sc., B.E.(Hons), Ph.D. completed his tertiary education at the University of Sydney. His postgraduate studies were focused on radio telescopes and computer techniques for antenna design and measurement. Mark played a key role in the development of Australia’s national satellite system. He has now retired from the aerospace industry where he was General Manager, Strategy and Planning for the Optus satellite business.

With music from Jazz duo – In 2 Deep

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