Church and Cultural Challenges

Church and Cultural Challenges

Church and Cultural Challenges

The Church and Cultural Challenges conference came out of a number of visions the Lord gave Ps Barbara Miller in March. The first one was of the gates of hell opening up and flies or demonic entities flying out of it. The Lord reminded her that she and her husband Ps Norman had taken a team to the physical gates of hell at the cave of Pan at Caesarea Philippi. This was where Jesus made His famous statement about the gates of hell not prevailing against the church after Peter’s confession that Jesus is the Messiah, the son of God. Mat 16:16-19.

The Lord impressed on her that they needed to host a conference in Canberra re the culture war against the church. It will start at 2pm 27 July and go to 10pm 29 July starting with 4 hours of non-stop worship and no speaker the first night which will go to 11pm.  So bring your harps, shofars, banners, and dancing shoes.

Speakers are Cindy McGarvie, Dr Graham McLennan, Ps Peter Walker, David Jack and, by video, former Senator Amanda Stoker and the Millers. The venue is Lifestream church, 152 Langdon Ave, Wanniassa, ACT.

Your hosts are apostle-prophet team Ps Norman and Barbara Miller co-founders of the Centre for International Reconciliation and Peace in 1997 and pastors of the Tabernacle of David Cairns. They have hosted over 20 conferences in Australia with 4 being in Parliament House Canberra. Norman is also an Aboriginal artist and Barbara is the author of over 12 books. From 2005 to 2011, they were the Australian and Bethany Gate (Asia Pacific) leaders of the Jerusalem House of Prayer for All Nations, taking teams to Israel each year. They currently facilitate the Indigenous Friends of Israel.

Topics will include the influence of culture on youth, Australia’s Judeo-Christian heritage, the influence of the media and arts on the church, division in the church itself over cultural issues, identity in Christ and much more. There will be time for prayer and prophetic acts as we seek the Lord for His strategies for the church to deal with this crisis. However, we know He will overcome and we need to be His hands and feet and voice.





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