Conflict Workshop

Conflict Workshop

Conflict is all about us, every day. Even within ourselves, we experience conflict between different values and needs. In our society, conflict commonly turns lovers to enemies and can lead to life-long estrangement for siblings or parents. The impacts on personal wellbeing and workplace productivity can be immense. Christians are not immune. Our personal relationships are crying out for Christians to lead the way with the love of Jesus and practical skills to help ourselves, families, friends and colleagues.

1WAYFM has partnered with Ross Rowe Coaching to present this conflict workshop to help you, our listeners, change your experience with fresh insights and practical skills for conflict situations. You will get help for yourself and skills to help those about you.

Ross is a professional executive and life coach based in Canberra who also teaches coaching and other leadership development programs for the Australian Public Service Academy. In additional to international coaching qualifications, he has bachelor degrees in Science and Theology, a Diploma of Ministry and many years of work and life experience that he brings to these workshops. Ross is also passionate about family, nature and fishing.  

In the coming months Ross will also be presenting workshops with practical help and skills to engage with real life problems including:

For each workshop, registrations close on the Friday before the workshop.