Building our Future

Building our Future

As we are about to celebrate 30 years on air in the Canberra region, we are looking to God to guide our journey ahead.

We want to do more than just stay on air, we want to make an impact in our region, to share faith and bring hope to more people.

Imagine if every Christian in our region felt empowered to share their faith with those around them.
Imagine if they were supported and encouraged with Christian messages of hope and encouragement right when they needed them.
Imagine if we could hear their stories and share them with others.
Imagine if we could cover our region in positive messages that are family friendly and bring life.
Imagine if we could tackle some of the hard questions, the ones that really matter, and engage in public debate in a positive informative way.

Together, we can.

That’s what Building our Future is all about. It is a call to our nation’s capital to enlarge our territory.

As in Jabez’s prayer, we are asking for God’s blessing; both spiritual and material, to give us a heart like Jesus; to enlarge our territory, to reach others for the sake of God’s Kingdom, to spread the Gospel; and that God will guide us on the right path so that His blessing fulfills a good purpose and keep our nation’s capital free from harm and pain.
(1 Chronicles 4:10)

Please unite with us in prayer for our city.

We would also love your input.

What can we do, as a radio station, to have a greater impact in our nation’s capital region?

We are believing that God is calling us to greater things.

Together, we are Building Our Future.


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