Women’s Rights Outreach Training

Women’s Rights Outreach Training


4:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Vision Christian Fellowship
62 Gladstone St., Fyshwick, ACT, 2600

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Every Saturday afternoon for two hours, we are conducting women’s rights outreach training to prepare a team to go into the trickiest places to make relationship with those who may be exploited or held against their will.

If you have strong skills of compassion, empathy, you are concerned abut the exploitation of women and want to do something about it locally, come along for a time of training, discussion, food, fun and getting ourselves ready for outreach.

You may be interested to join the team to help us gather together pamper products and gifts for our gift bags to vulnerable women.

You may be a man and want to come along as our covering.

You may have social work, counselling or pastoral skills that you wish to put into practice into the most challenging of scenarios.

Contact Andrea Tokaji or Nell Feneck for more information about Fighting for Justice Foundation, see our website or Facebook.


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