We’re Moving Up!

We’re Moving Up!

Black Mountain TowerWe have moved up to the national antenna at Black Mountain Tower!

As of last weekend, 13 July 2019, we moved our transmitter to Black Mountain Tower (BMT) to provide a stronger more reliable signal, remove many black-spots, and give us stability for the years ahead.

To be effective as a radio station, 1WAY FM needs to ensure that our signal can be picked up reliably across our licence area.

In 2015 we moved our transmission facility to Poppet Hill, to better serve our listeners. At the time, we had been given notice at BMT. Our antenna was failing and we were unable to arrange access to maintain our equipment. We were offered a new contract at BMT at a much higher rate than we could afford at the time, so we found another way to keep bringing 1WAY FM to you. A community broadcast site was established at Poppet Hill. While this new site addressed some of our issues, it didn’t give the increase that we had hoped for.

We have continued working on this project as a long term strategic initiative to provide our listeners with better coverage within our licence area, improve our signal strength and provide better quality in known shadow areas. As we continued exploring our options, we were given a wonderful opportunity that just wasn’t available to us previously. We couldn’t have dreamed of this option – but God has opened the doors in His timing.

After much work and negotiation we are delighted to report that we have shifted our transmission facility (for 91.9) to the national antenna at Black Mountain Tower (BMT). 

This means that as community radio stations, we are being given access to the same antenna array used by the ABC and other national broadcasters which will bring you a clearer, stronger radio signal. This was an opportunity not to be missed and cements our place as a broadcaster in the Canberra region. It also means that when we launch our digital radio service, starting soon, our FM transmission will be co-located with the digital transmission allowing for easier maintenance and support of both systems. 

We are continuing to work to ensure that we can bring you the best radio possible.

It does come with some additional costs but with your support it is well within our means. 1WAY FM is well-placed to continue broadcasting a Christian message of hope and encouragement throughout the Canberra region now and for the years to come.