Tell us what you really think

Tell us what you really think


1WAY FM is taking part in a National Christian Radio Study being conducted by McCrindle. We need you to tell us what you really think…

This study will help us understand our listeners better. To be able to serve you better, we need to know who you are, when you listen and why. What is important to you?

Knowing these things will help us provide the best on air content to meet the changing demographics of our community. It also helps us demonstrate to our licensing authorities and regulatory bodies that Christian radio is important to our community.

The study is completely anonymous and will take about 12-14 minutes. You also have a chance to win either a $500 or $200 Wish card.

Click here to start the survey now:


Note: 1WAY FM is classed as a Regional Station for the purposes of this survey, so for the question about the station you received the invitation from choose Regional Station, the next question will have 1WAY FM as the first option. Thanks!

Your opinion matters and will help us understand how to serve you, your family and our community. If you have any further comments or feedback you would like to make after completing the survey, please go to our Feedback page.