Technical Team Coordinator

Leadership position responsible for IT & Broadcast environment. 10 hours/week.

The Technical Team Coordinator is responsible for developing and maintaining the station’s IT Strategic Plan, monitoring the technical environment, preparing proposals to meet the technical needs of the station and maintaining operational budgets, plans and activities. They provide the connection between the Technical Team and the Leadership Team.

As part of the Leadership Team they are required to work closely with the team in relation to work proposals, needs and schedules. The Technical Team Coordinator also provides oversight of technical activities across the station.

General Responsibilities:


  • Work alongside other teams to achieve the Station goals and objectives.
  • Provide recommendations and solutions to technical challenges or changes within the organisation to the Leadership Team.
  • Prepare technical recommendations and reports for the Leadership Team as required.
  • Keep up with, and advise on, trends in the constantly evolving broadcast technology and information technology industry.
  • Provide updates and work schedules related to technical work across the station.


  • Coordinate the repair and maintenance of all audio / IT equipment.
  • Review completed tasks to ascertain compliance with standards and operational functionality.
  • Develop and perform periodic risk assessments and risk control strategies.
  • Ensure that the organisation’s data and information are protected from unauthorised access.
  • Organise updates and training to teach team members about the use of new equipment, systems and techniques or methods as required.


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