Picnic in the Park – The Presenters Perspective

Picnic in the Park – The Presenters Perspective

On Saturday the 30th of March we had our annual Picnic in the Park. Due to the weather, this event didn’t quite go to plan it was raining and cold, but we were so blessed by Vision Christian Fellowship and we got to spend the afternoon in their beautiful church. We had an amazing afternoon joined by Scripture Union ACT who supplied face painting and activities for the kids, Irwin Property Management, Compassion Australia who brought along their VR goggles and took us on tours around third world countries and showed us some of the amazing work that is happening over there, AC Property investment who were running a colouring in competition throughout that week, and the Salvos, who cooked up a storm!

We were absolutely privileged to be able to have artists Mel Crothers, Greg Cooper, The Faumuis Trio, Mike Holberton and Wayne Kelly come and spend the day with us and share their talents.

Days like Picnic in the Park or in the Church as it was, remind us that despite the distance we feel sometimes from our faith or our Christian brothers and sisters, we can find connection and a place that we call home. It was a phenomenal experience to be able to see not only the talent of all the people there, but to spend the time in community. The gift of Christian radio is such an amazing one. We get to support local artists and help them start up, we get to share messages of hope and encouragement to people who need it, but what ties it all up in a bow is days like Picnic in the Church where God reminds us how important these times are and how important Christian Radio is in our community.

On the day I got to dance to a young girls favourite song with her, I got to talk to so many people who in reality I had never met, but in the moment I was talking to them there was a connection between us that I had never thought could be achieved in that frame of time. They told me all about their life stories. Things that they had heard on the station that had given them hope when they needed it, and at the end of the conversation I felt like my world had been completely changed. People always look at me and say “Oh my gosh! You’re on radio that’s so cool!” Then they ask, “What’s the coolest part about being on radio?” I will always think back on these conversations that I’ve had with people and see how they have altered my life and my response will always be “The connections I get to make every week, and finding out about those connections when I get to see those people at events like Picnic in the Park”

I talk all afternoon to a door, at least that’s what it looks and sometimes feels like, but the relationships with people that are being built that I sometimes don’t even realise., are worth so much more than I can express. THAT is what Christian radio is. It is that voice whispering into someone’s heart who needs it at just that moment, it is a song that plays at just the right time and it is also that moment when a presenter is reminded that they aren’t alone in that studio. It is the moment where we all get to share some time together, whether it be over the air waves or in person, that connection we have in Christ to be there for one another is truly something special.