Miracles Day 2020

Miracles Day 2020

Your chance to change a life… forever.

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Worldwide, 65 million people have cataracts. And the majority of these people live in the world’s poorest countries – where they can’t afford surgery and so live needlessly blind.

People with disabilities are among the hardest hit by widespread lockdowns during the COVID-19 pandemic, making accessing life-changing healthcare like cataract surgeries more unreachable than ever. More than ever, Miracles Day is a chance to help change someone’s life.

On Thursday 6 August, listeners of Christian radio stations across Australia will have a chance to change a life… forever.

Now in its 8th year, Christian radio’s partnership with CBM for Miracles Day has inspired Australians to give 199,420 Miracles of sight-saving surgery to people blind from cataracts in the poorest places on earth.

A Miracle is life-changing surgery that restores the vision of someone living with cataracts – which are the leading cause in developing countries for low vision or blindness.

The surgery is safe and quick – often done in just 12 minutes – and each Miracle costs just $33, about the price of two movie tickets.

Last year, CBM provided eye screening, examination and treatment to 9.2 million people and funded 749,022 eye surgeries worldwide.

Support of Miracles Day this year will help CBM Australia fund urgently needed surgeries, plus cataract screening camps and school screening programs, in the most remote areas of Nepal, The Philippines, Vietnam, Bangladesh, India, Cameroon, Tanzania and Niger and Indonesia.

Miracles Day Campaign Manager, Mariska Meldrum, says that at its heart, Miracles Day is about people helping other people.

God created each of us in his image and cherishes each one of us. Every single life matters. We are called to follow Jesus to the hard places and to love with abandon. To enter into another person’s suffering, and show them love and compassion.

We can’t all drop everything and go overseas. But we can help from right where we are. Miracles Day gives people from all walks of life the opportunity to change someone’s life,

Mariska Meldrum
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