I want to fix ears: Inside the Cochlear Implant Story

I want to fix ears: Inside the Cochlear Implant Story

2021 Shortlisted Australian Christian Book of the Year. I want to Fix Ears is a thrilling saga and powerful Christian testimony that tells the story of the invention of the bionic ear.

The Australian inventor/creator of the bionic ear and a giant of medical science, Graeme Clark AC, chats with 1WAY FM’s David Lee about his strong Christian faith and trust in the amazing Creator – God. Listen to how Graeme overcame many scientific & technical obstacles, as well as human obstacles in creating the amazingly complex Cochlear Ear Implant and all the detailed research that was involved.

Graeme shares how he believes God, through Jesus Christ, has guided him all his life and enabled him to bring new life to deaf people of all ages. He shares his Christian faith and how he would frequently go to God for a chat when things got difficult, or results were not forthcoming. 

Inspired by the challenges faced by his father, Graeme Clark dedicated his career to providing the gift of hearing to profoundly deaf children and adults. Starting with compelling personal stories from his patients, Clark charts his inspirational journey to “fix ears.” He chronicles his research accomplishments and medical advances and also recounts his battles to overcome scientific skepticism, his tireless efforts to procure funding to support his work, and his reliance on the religious and ethical values that guided his investigations. For scientists, he conveys his commitment to interdisciplinary approaches, the importance of prioritizing the needs and safety of patients, and the key role of effective academic-industry partnerships. For us all, he emphasizes the importance of family, education, supportive colleagues, and, perhaps most importantly, life purpose.

– Claire Pomeroy President, Lasker Foundation USA -Publisher.