Hope and Encouragement

Hope and Encouragement


As we celebrate 25 years on air this year, we are also looking to the next 25 years or more. The Board and Leadership Team have been working towards a new Strategic Plan to take us on the next steps of our journey. The first fruit of this work is a newly developed Statement of Purpose:

1WAY FM presents a Christian message of hope and encouragement to our listeners.

This is the lens through which we will be viewing and evaluating all of our activities. With every decision or activity we take on, we will be asking ourselves “does this help us to present a Christian message of hope and encouragement”? We are also examining everything that we do as a station in light of this Statement of Purpose. This will be an ongoing process, but the work has begun.

The first area that we have started looking at is our music. We want to make sure that we have a consistent sound across that day that encourages you and gives you hope. We have met with our presenters and encouraged them to prepare and plan their shows in a way that presents messages that support and encourage you each day; sharing the hope that we know is found in Christ.
As we move towards our Annual Appeal, we invite you to partner with us to help resource us for the year ahead to present that Christian message to our local region through the stories that we share.

Has 1WAY FM given you hope or encouraged you? If so, we would love to hear from you and to share your story.