Heroes of the Faith: Graham & Gladys Staines

Heroes of the Faith this week features Graham & Gladys Staines, two Australians, who left Australia to go to a predominately Muslim part of India to establish a leprosy colony and tell of God’s love and compassion. They were innovative in that besides caring and supplying medical assistance, they also taught the lepers to develop skills in order that they could support themselves. On the way home Graham and his two sons stopped in the town square to sleep the night in their car. While they were asleep, Indians not happy with them bringing Christianity, lit a fire under the car. They also armed themselves with axes so when Graham and his children tried to escape, they were killed. Gladys decided to stay on in the same village with her remaining child and continued the work she and Graham had started. In recognition of her devotion, the government of India later gave an award honouring their work. The colony they established is now a hospital funded by the government of India.