Heroes of the Faith: Congolese Uprising

On Heroes of the Faith this week we are talking about the Congolese uprising.  

After the Second World War many parts of Africa were ‘used’ in the power tussle between America and Russia. In 1964, in the Congo, the ruling government was ousted by a communist-led force of Congolese consisting of young men and children whipped up by the communist powers. In no time they had over run the capital and began a concentrated campaign to rid, by force, any who had been in any way ‘westernised’.  

Thousands were killed – former government workers, teachers, doctors and other professions. The rebels especially hated Christians as they claimed that they had been brain-washed by sorcerers. Over 2000 Christians from many countries: Australia, Britain, Canada and other places were targeted. Doctors, health workers, bible translators and pastors were brutally killed – with their wives and children not spared.  

The rebellion was eventually put down. Other missionaries went back into the Congo knowing the risks but determined to spread the good news of the Gospel.