Jaemin Frazer – Life Coaching Workshop 3: Finances

Jaemin Frazer – Life Coaching Workshop 3: Finances

Date(s) - 17/08/2019
9:30 am - 12:30 pm

Unity College Australia


Life Coaching Workshops
Jaemin Frazer – the One Minute Coach!

Presented by Jaemin Frazer:

  • personal development expert
  • author of “Elegantly Simple Solutions to Complex People Problems”
  • founder of The Insecurity Project
  • presenter of “The One Minute Coach” which airs on over 20 radio stations around Australia

Jaemin brings a wealth of experience and insight on the subject of personal change and genuine transformation. For further information visit jaeminfrazer.com

Life Coaching Workshops

Do you struggle with any issues in the areas of health, relationships or finances? The 3 major pain points for most people are experienced within one or more of these life areas. To resolve these issues, people typically try and solve the problems on the surface level where they see the pain show up, however this never leads to lasting change.

In this 3 part workshop series, Jaemin will help you discover that while the issues may appear to be in these areas of your life, they are merely symptoms of deeper doubts, fears and insecurity.
As you solve the insecurity problem in your life, you are then able to resolve the surface issues with clarity and confidence.

17 August – Workshop 3: Finances

Each workshop runs 9:30 am – 12:30 pm (Saturdays)

Venue: Unity College Australia, Churches Centre, 54 Benjamin Way, Belconnen
Register for all 3 workshops by 24 June: $125 / Individual workshop registration: $47

Register: call 61610050 or email [email protected]