Imposter Syndrome Silenced

Imposter Syndrome Silenced

Imposter Syndrome Silenced


10:00 am - 2:30 pm

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Imposter Syndrome describes the feeling that despite success and evidence to the contrary, you experience self-doubt and live with the fear that someday, somewhere, you will be proven to be a fraud.  It affects most people to some degree, but often shows up for women leaders in some predictable ways.

This practical, engaging and fun workshop gives you tested strategies to silence its voice, and reduce the impact is has on your life and work.

Sally is an engaging and experienced minister, facilitator, speaker and executive coach and has worked with leaders in public, private and church sectors for over 20 years. From the C-suite to a thousand church leaders in Uganda, Sally builds strong rapport with her clients to create innovative and transformative development experiences.

Sally is passionate about helping women develop their leadership, entrepreneurial and creative capabilities and gifts. Her work combines a strong biblical foundation, the latest research from neuroscience and psychology with in-depth experience and insights from working with thousands of women leaders in the church and the marketplace.

In addition, Sally has a Masters in Training and Development, is a TEDx speaker and speaker coach, and Amazon international best-selling author.



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