Embracing Ministries – Fund Raiser concert with Amber Nichols and Katie De Veau

Embracing Ministries – Fund Raiser concert with Amber Nichols and Katie De Veau


6:30 pm - 9:00 pm


Mosaic Baptist Church
18 Dallachy Street, PAGE, ACT, 2614

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Embracing Ministries has been supporting a number of refugee families with children with disabilities.  Arriving in a new country as a refugee is a major challenge. Arriving as a refugee with a disability compounds that challenge significantly. Refugees with disability faced significant barriers upon their arrival in Australia, including problems accessing support, essential equipment, or suitable housing.

Refugees on permanent humanitarian visas are eligible for the NDIS, while people seeking asylum (such as those on bridging visas) and refugees on Temporary Protection Visas and Safe Haven Enterprise Visas are not able to access the NDIS. Embracing Ministries has been supporting a number of families who have children with significant disabilities who are on bridging visas.  Refugees who arrive with a disability often do not get the equipment or support they need, leading to these horrible examples of children with disabilities not having the therapies or equipment they need and they fall through the cracks. Embracing Ministries is having a fund Raiser to raise fund for families with children who have significant disabilities and need therapies and equipment.

Amber Nichols and Katie De Veau are leading a concert to help raise funds for families who do not have Government funding for their children with special needs. Half of the funds raised will go to Therapies for the families and the other half will be used to raise funds to buy a community accessible van for families to use for hospital and therapist appointments.

Date: 20th July

Time:6:30 pm for 7 pm start.

Venue: Mosaic Baptist Church, Dallachy Street, Page.

Tickets are $40 and you can book through www.trybooking.com/BDCYT .

If you would like to support refugee children receive the care they need please donate Anglican Investment Development Fund (AIDF) BSB  702 389 Acc: 0520 984 label it refugee fund.

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