Being Single

Being Single

Being Single


5:00 pm - 6:30 pm


Tuggeranong Presbyterian
1 Jeffries Street, Gowrie, ACT, 2905

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Being Single . . . what does it mean in a world which believes that you are only worthwhile if you have a partner or a spouse? How can single people be fulfilled and have a fulfilling life when society believes that singleness is the loneliest place on the planet? All of us at one point in our lives are single, and may be again, either through death, divorce or desertion. How can we embrace singleness with joy and purpose? How can married people care for and not make single people feel incomplete and inadequate?

This sermon series on being single will help.

Christianity is the only faith that honours and embraces singleness as something meaningful and worthwhile. Tuggeranong Presbyterian is presenting three talks (over 3 consecutive Sunday evenings @ 5pm – starting 5th Feb, 2017) on being single. We hope these talks will help people be more aware of what it means to be single, encourage people in being single and prepare people for the possibility of being single in the future.

This forms part of our summer evening sermon series; for more info visit, our Facebook event or contact Dave on 0478 115 762.




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