Bringing Hope Behind Bars 2019

Bringing Hope Behind Bars 2019

Prisoners reading BiblesAll this week we are partnering with Bible League to Bring Hope Behind Bars.

Bible League
Bible League provides Bibles worldwide and assists people to engage with the Word through a number of programs and partners.

Worldwide the prison population stands at over 10.5 Million and in Australia the prison population is over 42,000 – up 4% YOY from March 2017 to March 2018 – this added to the increase of more than 40% over the past 5 years!

About 8,500 of this number move in/out of prison each year, so there is an ever-increasing need for God’s Word in prisons.

Bible League has developed a Prison Bible specifically for prisoners, which include 52 lessons like:

  • Following Jesus Inside of Prison
  • Dealing with Danger and Threats
  • Seeking Forgiveness from Those You Have Hurt
  • Understanding Compulsive Behaviour
  • Examining Your Previous Life

Bible League works with partners like Prison Fellowship and Kairos, who already have access to the incarcerated, to take the Bibles into the prisons.

In 2018 Bible League were able to fund 3,500 Bibles into Australian prisons through partnership with 11 radio stations, including us here at 1WAY FM. And to date have planted over 19,000 Prison Bibles in Prisons since 2015! All praise to God!

Along with this Bible League was able to form local relationships and delivered 500 Bibles into Darwin prisons as a result of Bringing Hope Behind Bars.

We are expecting God to do even more in 2019 through Bringing Hope Behind Bars.

Which is where you come in; Bringing Hope Behind Bars is a national partnership with Bible League, MSA and radio stations to encourage people to fund this vital ministry.

Partner with us today and Bring Hope Behind Bars. Every $15 donated will provide an inmate with their own Bible.

Prisoners reading Bibles