Bible League – Bringing Hope Behind Bars

This week we are partnering with Bible League to Bring Hope Behind Bars.

Bible League’s mission is to plant 3,500 Prison Bibles and bring hope to prisoners in Aussie jails. Will you join us? Donate now.

Bringing Hope Behind Bars

Bringing Hope Behind Bars

Bible League has specifically designed the Prison Bible with prisoners in mind. A translation team worked to make the text easy to understand. In addition, 52 lesson plans enable weekly Bible study to be conducted by small groups within the confines of any prison setting. The Prison Bible costs $15 each.

Our target is to give 357 Bibles.

Bible League provides Bibles worldwide and assists people to engage with the Word through a number of programs and partners.

Worldwide the prison population stands at over 10 Million and in Australia the prison population is over 39,500 – which has increased by more than 45% over the past 10 years.

About 7,000 of this number move in/out of prison each year, so there is an ever-increasing need for God’s Word in prisons.

Bible League has developed a Prison Bible specifically for prisoners, which include 52 lessons like:

  • God Loves You
  • Following Jesus Inside of Prison
  • Relating to People in Authority
  • Controlling Anger
  • Preparing for Release

Bible League works with partners like Prison Fellowship and Kairos, who already have access to the incarcerated, to take the Bibles into the prisons.

Don’t forget to tune in on Friday as we have Hilton Edwards, Marketing Director of Bible League Australia with us sharing about Bringing Hope Behind Bars.

Bringing Hope Behind Bars