A Review of ‘Jesus and…’ by Robert Fergusson 

A Review of ‘Jesus and…’ by Robert Fergusson 

By Kiara Thomas 

Jesus and… by Robert Fergusson is a short, but packed exploration through the book of Luke. In his book, Fergusson explores Jesus’s relationships with Zechariah and Elisabeth, Anna, John the Baptist, the man with leprosy, and the centurion. Ferguson explains the Biblical context and helps his readers explore the significance of these relationships. Through this, Ferguson explores topics such as finding hope for your family, finding significance in the ordinary, finding purpose in life, finding acceptance and healing, and finding faith in a time of unbelief.  

With 10 study questions at the end of each chapter, this book is ideal for personal or group study. Filled with beautiful images and pull quotes, this book is also a visual delight.  

If you’re looking for a short but powerful topical study, then Jesus and… is for you!  

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Author: Robert Fergusson 

Publisher: City + Vine  

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