1WAY FM partners with Compassion

1WAY FM is proud to partner with Compassion Australia to find sponsors for children who have been waiting for a sponsor for over a year.

Compassion’s Child Sponsorship Program aims to develop children that graduate with the skills to be economically self-supporting, are physically and emotionally healthy, and demonstrate a genuine relationship with Christ.

Below are the details of 6 beautiful children who have all been on the wait list for over 12 months.

If you have ever thought of Sponsoring a child NOW is the time.

The Wait is Over:

Just click on a photo below and follow the prompts on the Compassion website to begin your rewarding relationship with a child living in poverty.

Edson De Sousa Ferreira, 8 years old, male, born 28/11/2007,
waiting 432 days (as at 26/7/2016)


Joshua Gareth Peña Reyes, 6 years old, male, born 12/10/2009,
waiting 420 days (as at 26/7/2016)Joshua

Shirley Susana García López, 13 years old, female, born 14/10/2002,
waiting 390 days (as at 26/7/2016)Shirley

Eklesya Eropa Athena Kaunang, 7 years old, female, born 2/12/2008,
waiting 381 days (as at 26/7/2016)


Kovinthan Vijayasudharam Ajith Kumar, 8 years old, male, born 8/1/2008,
waiting 465 days (as at 26/7/2016)


Benita Nathalie Kossiwa Misseboukpor, 7 years old, female, born 27/7/2008,
waiting 432 days (as at 26/7/2016)